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Our goal at Oakmont Counseling Center is to assist clients in their evolutionary path to personal growth, achieving harmony and balance.  We use a variety of counseling techniques that are carefully selected by our professionals for each individual client based upon the client’s personal experiences and perspectives.

As individuals, we are continuously developing and ever evolving.  Life’s experiences shape and influence this process.  There are times in everyone’s life that experiences can become confusing, excessively difficult and/or overwhelming.  It is during these times that counseling can facilitate and assist individuals in gaining clarity and achieving personal growth.  Counseling assists clients in accomplishing adaptability in changing situations.

At Oakmont Counseling Center, we strive to assist clients in discovering his or her individual strengths and directing those strengths toward achieving personal goals, overcoming adversity, and enhancing relationships with important others.  In addition to assisting you in discovering your positive qualities, we want to assist you in discarding inefficient and ineffective coping skills and belief systems that may result in inhibiting your personal growth, quality of life and/or preventing achievement of your full potential.

Our professionals at Oakmont Counseling Center offer counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, ages 3 to 103, addressing a wide array of issues such as relationship problems, work related situations, parenting challenges, blended family challenges, depression, adjustment issues, abuse, trauma, grief, anger management, anxiety, substance abuse, and chronic health difficulties.

In addition we offer a variety of therapeutic support groups, training seminars, workshops, educational advising, organization development and life coaching.

We are proud members of the following organizations:

American Counseling Association

            Texas Counseling Association

            American Psychotherapy Association

            American Board for Professional Counselors

            Association of Play Therapy

            North Texas Association of Play Therapy

             North Central Texas Counseling Association