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Q.  If I bring my children in for an appoitnment, will I be in the counseling session with them?
A.  Children's and adolescents' individual counseling sessions are conducted one-on-one with the therapist.  These sessions are confidential sessions between the therapist and the client, just as if the clieint were an adult and the same limitations to confidentiality apply.  Certainly, the therapist will consult with parents periodically to inform them of how your child is doing or what your child is working on; however, general terms are often used in order to maintain the trust between the client and therapist.   Your child's therapist will either ask you to join in the session for a few minutes periodically or may ask you to schedule a separate parent consult appointment to discuss your child's progress.  How parent consults are handled is very dependent upon the child's issues, the relationship between the child and the therapist as well as between the child and his or her parents.  We ask that you do not leave your children at the counseling center without consulting with the therapist prior to leaving the premises. Should a parent have any concerns about the child's progress, they are strongly encouraged to consult the therapist.   Please take comfort in knowing that the therapist will keep you informed on a level appropriate for you, the parent, and the client.

Q.  How long do counseling sessions last?
A.  Most counseling sessions last approximately 50 minutes for adolescents and adults and approximately 45 minutes for young children.  The length of the first session may be longer depending on you therapist.  Occasionally, your therapist may schedule additional time for sessions if he or she feels it would be in the best interest of the client(s).

Q.  How should I talk to my child after a play therapy session?
A.  Try to remember that just as adults' work can be fun, children's play can be work and just as adults may not want to discuss work after work, children may not want to discuss play after play.  Often, children are tired after their work in the playroom and need quiet time or alone time.  Please be respectful of your child's time in the playroom and the privacy they may desire. We encourage you to have your child eat something before arriving and to take care of bathroom needs prior to his or her session. Your child will do well if you approach their sessions with a positive attitude and relax about their therapy.  If you are apprehensive, more than likely they will be apprehensive.  If you are concerned about any portion of your child's therapy, feel free to consult your child's therapist.

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